Footprints in the Snow

We went out the other day to look for footprints in the snow. We found a bunch of deer prints, Marvin prints and some raccoon prints.

But then, we came across something very unexpected. Six large shapes in a row in the snow that looked an awful lot like very large foot prints!

Here's an image of my footprint on the right and one of the larger footprints we found on the left. Could we really have a Sasquatch living in our forest?!

It was such a lovely warm and sunny day that after our animal track identification adventure, I laid down in the snow for a bit while my little buddy played.

This was a perfect day.

While I was thinking about animal tracks, I came across a couple of websites I hadn't visited before, and the discovery Channel's Survival page. I'm pretty into nature survival. I'd really like to develop some more skills in that area, you know, like Bear Grylls (love Man vs Nature). I've got a couple of books on emergency survival skills, plant and fungi identification and such. And in the summer I love to forage for wild herbs and food in the forest. I really like the idea of being able to survive in the wild if need be.

Happy Monday!

♥ Andrea ♥

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