Hi! I'm Andrea.

I love to handcraft. I have a special interest in making huggable companions for children and collectors and making drawings and paintings. I love to take custom orders. For more information, please Send Me an Email.

Here is a little glimpse into my process...

My studio is just a little corner in my wee home in Toronto, Canada, where I live with my husband and our two kidlets.

Teetoo products are available online in the Teetoo Etsy Shop & the Teetoo Society6 Shop. This blog began just before I launched my crafty business back in 2010. I post here periodically about stuff I make and fun projects- mostly for posterity's sake and to share the joy I get in making things. I used to post about other things here too, like food and other interests, but as life has become busier, I've had to focus on just sharing stuff I make. I need to set aside as much time as possible for making more stuff- it's my absolute favorite way to pass the time.

Teetoo was born out of a desire for an avenue to make stuff for fun and share it with others. I studied
visual art in university and I felt as though my experience in school confounded the joy I get from just making stuff. Learning to sew changed my life for the better. I love to make dolls and illustrations and to challenge myself by making things I've never made before. My father was a wonderful poet & storyteller. Teetoo is also an homage to the playful & creative spirit we share.

A few people who have inspired me in the work I do for Teetoo include Richard Scary, Jim Henson, indie craft artists such as, Misako Mimoko, and you! Some of my customers have been my greatest inspiration by commissioning me to create make things I've never made before. Thank you!

Thanks for coming by!
♥ Andrea ♥

* I make a wee bit of money from my blog through carefully chosen affiliations. I only promote products and companies who I personally believe in. I am a member of the amazon affiliate program and commission junction. When you make a purchase using one of my links, I make a few pennies, and that is very nice. Thank you!*