Hi! Long time no see, hey?

I couldn't let my favorite season go by without making a little something, so I whipped up an autumn drawing that I'm fairly pleased with. I made this illustration for the Instagram Drawloween challenge for jack-o-lantern and now there are a few Pumpkinhead products available in my Society6 shop. I hope you love him.

I adore vintage images of pumpkinhead characters so much, which have obviously inspired my drawing. L. Frank Baum's Jack Pumkinhead is my very favorite. Follow this link to read Baum's Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse short story online. We watched Baum's Return to Oz last weekend and it was just as great as I remembered it being as a kid.

If you're on Pinterest and you love pumpkinheads and Halloween as much as I do, you might like my Halloween Pinterest Board.

On a personal note, to say that this year has not turned out as I had expected, is an understatement. In the springtime I found myself in the throes of extreme adrenal fatigue and anemia. So, I decided to pull myself away from everything unnecessary and nursed my way back to health with homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and lots of napping. I've changed my life and psyche drastically since then to ensure that I don't slip back into the same state that landed me in exhaustionland. Not checking in here was part of that process, so I apologize for disappearing again. Anyway, I do have a few projects I'm chipping away at in my own time that I will finish eventually and I do hope to check in here more regularly again. Thank you so much to those of you who continue to stop in here to see what I'm working on.

It is my hope to be back again before Halloween, but if not, happy haunting!

♥ Andrea ♥

Sweet Dolphin

I've decided to use my love of vintage collectibles to inspire my desire to make new stuff for the Teetoo Society6 Shop and create my first fabric designs on Spoonflower. Here is my new project and I am pretty thrilled with it. Making these dolphin designs has simply been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot over the past week.

Making illustrations was a strong motivator for me to launch Teetoo, but I notice that I avoid drawing and painting for some reason. Maybe it feels like too much pressure or something. When I feel that way, I find that cut paper seems to make an illustration project less intimidating and more fun. And that's what the vision for Teetoo was to begin with- a means for me to be creative just for fun. No pressure to be a serious 'artist'  here (whatever that means). Just play. So I guess it's pretty fitting that I decided on a playful dolphin...

Here is the cut paper dolphin I made last weekend.

Here is an example of some of the vintage chalkware fish that were the inspiration for my dolphin. I love these so much.

*Vintage Chalkware Fish from TinkersNThings*
I think The framed dolphin print turned out nicely and would make such a cute piece for a baby's room. But as this is my first foray into creating designs for other items, I'm especially excited to see my wee dolphin as a mug, a tote bag and throw pillow. But my absolute favorite, hands down, is the shower curtain

As a bonus, it just so happens that Society6 is having a great sale today! 15% off everything and free worldwide shipping.

And after several years of wanting to try my hand at fabric design, I've finally set myself up with a Teetoo Spoonflower shop. I've just placed an order for a couple of swatches of my Spoonflower Dolphin fabric and as you can imagine, I absolutely cannot wait to see it in the flesh!

I hope your day goes swimmingly!

♥ Andrea ♥

Little Homemade Homes Part 3: Fabric House Ornaments

This is the final homemade home I made for the holidays. This project also came about from a pin on Pinterest. The Fabric Home Ornaments free pattern is from the Retro Mama Blog. Her houses are absolutely adorable. Take a look!

The originator of this project included even more details on her houses- wee door numbers and little birds. These homes were fun to make, but they took me way longer to complete than I had expected which is why I skipped some of the details. Another way that I deviated from the original pattern is that I hand embroidered the stitching around the doors and windows. I tried the first few with my machine and I wasn't thrilled with the results. Mine didn't turn out looking as nice as the ones shown with the pattern. The hand-stitching of course took longer, but they came out so much lovelier that way.

I made twelve in total, but I couldn't complete them all at once so I didn't get images of them all. These were given to my family and the children's teachers. Everyone who received one of these really loved them. This is a very nice and easy holiday sewing project.

♥ Andrea ♥

Little Homemade Homes Part 2: Spongebob

Hello! Happy 2016!

I had a ton of fun working on this Spongebob house for my son. As I mentioned in my previous post about  the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse, the idea came from the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse from Scrappalific. For this playset for my son, I decided on Spongebob and we didn't own any Spongebob characters so I ordered the lot of them from E-Bay. The carrying case was found at the thrift store.

Here's a rundown of how it was put together:
The door is made of card stock with three tongue depressors cut to size and glued on. The door's window is a button with a piece of felt glued on. My friend gave me a bag of notions a few months ago that included that little Lacoste alligator patch and I thought it was perfect for this project. The guitar is Playmobile, The little Spongebob and Patrick poster was cut out from an old Spongebob calendar I kept from a couple years ago. The bed is made from two pieces of foam cut to size, glued together and wrapped in fabric from an old shirt. The sheet and pillow were made with the same old shirt. The pillow is stuffed with some polyfil and just glued together. The blanket is made of a piece of felt with a ribbon trim. I made the little bedside table with a toothpaste cap topped with a piece of cardboard wrapped in fabric.

The table is a shampoo bottle cap finished with a ribbon and topped with a piece of patterned card stock. The little fire on the table is Playmobile and so is Gary's bed. I also glued two Playmobile pieces to the wall above the bed- a crab and a starfish. The couch is made of three Nerf gun bullets tied with embroidery thread, attached to a piece of foam wrapped in fabric.

The doormat is a piece of faux fur. The pom pom garland is mini pom poms strung with embroidery floss and attached by little buttons affixed to card stock and glued to the top of the case. The fishing lure was purchased from the hardware store.

Finally, I decorated the outside of the box with a skull and crossbones. It is a patch from one of my son's favorite pair of pants that got too small and too worn to be passed along to anyone else.

The kids are playing with these playsets daily. It's so great to see them loving these so much. If you feel at all inclined to do something like this for someone in your life, I highly recommend that you do! If you happen to make one, I'd love to see it.

In a few more days I will post the final part of the Little Homemade Homes series. I hope you're enjoying them.

I wish you a very happy 2016! I spent last night cleaning and reorganizing my workspace here at home and planning out what projects I'm hoping to do this year. Do you have special plans for 2016?

♥ Andrea ♥

Little Homemade Homes Part 1: Lalaloopsy

Here is one of the projects I made for Christmas this year. This was for my seven year-old daughter. For some reason, all of the holiday crafts I made this year were little houses. So here I present the first of three posts featuring little handmade homes.

I fell in love with the idea for this Lalaloopsy dollhouse from Scrappalific when I pinned it onto my To Make and Do Pinterest Board six months ago or so. Her dollhouse is so adorable! I gathered little bits that could work for it over many months. I found the carrying case at the thrift store.

The flower vase is Playmobile. The table was made out of the outside of a lens from an old projector we took apart a couple of months ago when it became obsolete. I topped it with a piece of card stock covered in fabric. The edging was made of a strip of  gold leather from a book cover that fell off of one of my daughter's journals. There was a gap between the top and side that I filled with a piece of chain a friend gave me in a bag of notions. I finished the bottom of the table with a length of ribbon.

The couch was made of foam and card stock wrapped in fabric with a felt trim.

I cut a little rug out of faux fur and made two wee pillows out of a vintage sheet stuffed with recycled polyfil.

The window was made of the top of a little cardboard jewelry box covered with felt. I covered a piece of card stock with fabric to fit inside of it. The curtain rod is a little wooden craft stick glued to two wooden beads. The curtain was made of a little organza bag tied with two pieces of ribbon. The starfish is an earring that I love, but I lost the matching one.

The pom pom garland is made out of mini pom poms sewn with embroidery thread. I attached them to the top of the carrying case by cutting small squares around the buttons on the card on which they were packaged and I glued them to the box.

The bathtub is just a shampoo bottle lid. It's filled with cotton balls that have been broken apart. The mirror came from something, but I can't remember what. It was glued to a piece of the gold leather book cover I also used to trim the table with. The sink is made with a little clear plastic bottle that is turned upside down and covered with some cotton lace trim. I glued a plastic bottle cap to it and cut a little circle of blue faux fur for the water. The tap is the little piece of plastic that can be found on some plastic hangers. The bathmat is a piece of a fine child's washcloth.

The outside of the box is decorated with a gold letter and an embroidery from an old top that doesn't fit my daughter anymore. I love that this whole project, other than the carrying case, was made of scraps and found pieces. I must admit that I became a bit obsessed with it. It was so much fun to make this! This little dollhouse has already been so well-played with. It's awesome to see her loving this so much.

In the next few days, I will post images of the playhouse I made for my son.

♥ Andrea ♥