Hi! Long time no see, hey?

I couldn't let my favorite season go by without making a little something, so I whipped up an autumn drawing that I'm fairly pleased with. I made this illustration for the Instagram Drawloween challenge for jack-o-lantern and now there are a few Pumpkinhead products available in my Society6 shop. I hope you love him.

I adore vintage images of pumpkinhead characters so much, which have obviously inspired my drawing. L. Frank Baum's Jack Pumkinhead is my very favorite. Follow this link to read Baum's Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse short story online. We watched Baum's Return to Oz last weekend and it was just as great as I remembered it being as a kid.

If you're on Pinterest and you love pumpkinheads and Halloween as much as I do, you might like my Halloween Pinterest Board.

On a personal note, to say that this year has not turned out as I had expected, is an understatement. In the springtime I found myself in the throes of extreme adrenal fatigue and anemia. So, I decided to pull myself away from everything unnecessary and nursed my way back to health with homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and lots of napping. I've changed my life and psyche drastically since then to ensure that I don't slip back into the same state that landed me in exhaustionland. Not checking in here was part of that process, so I apologize for disappearing again. Anyway, I do have a few projects I'm chipping away at in my own time that I will finish eventually and I do hope to check in here more regularly again. Thank you so much to those of you who continue to stop in here to see what I'm working on.

It is my hope to be back again before Halloween, but if not, happy haunting!

♥ Andrea ♥

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