Sweet Dolphin

I've decided to use my love of vintage collectibles to inspire my desire to make new stuff for the Teetoo Society6 Shop and create my first fabric designs on Spoonflower. Here is my new project and I am pretty thrilled with it. Making these dolphin designs has simply been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot over the past week.

Making illustrations was a strong motivator for me to launch Teetoo, but I notice that I avoid drawing and painting for some reason. Maybe it feels like too much pressure or something. When I feel that way, I find that cut paper seems to make an illustration project less intimidating and more fun. And that's what the vision for Teetoo was to begin with- a means for me to be creative just for fun. No pressure to be a serious 'artist'  here (whatever that means). Just play. So I guess it's pretty fitting that I decided on a playful dolphin...

Here is the cut paper dolphin I made last weekend.

Here is an example of some of the vintage chalkware fish that were the inspiration for my dolphin. I love these so much.

*Vintage Chalkware Fish from TinkersNThings*
I think The framed dolphin print turned out nicely and would make such a cute piece for a baby's room. But as this is my first foray into creating designs for other items, I'm especially excited to see my wee dolphin as a mug, a tote bag and throw pillow. But my absolute favorite, hands down, is the shower curtain

As a bonus, it just so happens that Society6 is having a great sale today! 15% off everything and free worldwide shipping.

And after several years of wanting to try my hand at fabric design, I've finally set myself up with a Teetoo Spoonflower shop. I've just placed an order for a couple of swatches of my Spoonflower Dolphin fabric and as you can imagine, I absolutely cannot wait to see it in the flesh!

I hope your day goes swimmingly!

♥ Andrea ♥

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