Monsieur Mustache

I can't believe that my son, who is not yet 3 years old, made this puppet all by himself!

This puppet was made with a kit called Make Your Own Sock Puppets by Creativity for Kids. My son received this as a gift. The first puppet I helped him with. This one however, I walked away and didn't look at what he was working on until he told me it was complete.

I squealed with delight when I saw this happy puppet. Then, I took photos of my son with his masterpiece and set it aside right away (he has destructive tendencies as any healthy 2 year old does). I did let him destroy the first puppet we made though. He had a wonderful time chopping it to pieces.

The Make Your Own Sock Puppets kit comes with 3 socks and multi-coloured felt self-adhesive shapes, yarn and some fluff (we had the googly eyes here - they did not come with the set). It is definitely something you can make up at home with old socks, felt and yarn. Really fun for kids.

♥ Andrea ♥

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