Meet Marvin

You'll have to excuse me! Where are my manners? I don't think you've met Marvin!

I am shocked and appalled at myself! Marvin was once the master of my universe. And now, poor Marvin, I must admit, he just doesn't get the lovin' he used to. Since my children came along, Marvin sometimes gets a wee bit forgotten about now and then. Sorry, Marv. I hope you'll forgive me.
So, here's his bio:

Marvin is a really great cat! In our opinion, he's the kittiest cat in town. He brings us gifts like pigeons, mice and even bats. He corners raccoons with no fear and runs to the tippy tops of skinny trees when he's in a wild mood and sways back and forth on them. I really wish I had a film of him doing this.

When we lived in downtown Toronto, Marvin would lay on the sidewalk to catch the morning and evening walk-by love from the neighborhood cat lovers. He has far more friends than I do. On several occasions, I ran into people standing inside the gate to my backyard. They had a guilty look when they saw me and as they motioned to leave the yard, they professed their love for my cat. He is lovable! And adorable!

We affectionately call him Stinky Marvin. While there is nothing stinky about him, the name seems to suit Marv. His latest nickname has come about because mini Winnie can't really say Marv so, Marvin is now called Marf. It makes me laugh every time! Marf! It's just the cutest. It is especially cute to hear 'Marf 'said with a wee little voice that sounds remarkably like one of the chipmunks.

I really do owe Marvin some serious cuddles for being the best cat in the world.

I hope you get some cat love today.

♥ Andrea ♥

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