I'm in Love With a Bee!

I've fallen head over heels for this little bee!

At first I thought he was a bumble bee but now I think he may be a carpenter bee. I have a real soft spot for all bees. Especially since we've moved to the forest and I've had the good fortune to live close to so many. I've never spent much time observing bees other than honey bees until now. I got stung by a bumble bee last year and boy did it hurt!

This little fellow guards a nest in a little hole on our back porch. He's so committed to his task and does such a good job of chasing away any insect that comes near! I find him to be absolutely mesmerizing! He hovers for a few minutes and then moves to a new spot and hovers there. He does this without rest for hours! Once in a while, he comes up to me and hovers near, like he's sussing me out and then off he goes again to protect the nest.

Sweet little bee, you are such a dear!

May you fall in love with an unexpected little someone today :)

♥ Andrea ♥

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