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I've had a very strong liking for Oliver Lake's Etsy shop for some time now. And I quite like his blog too. You see, it turns out that we seem to have the same taste in music, movies, art and other random acts of brilliant silliness. Oliver and I are Twitter friends, so of course I had to enter the Twitter contest he held for one of his great art prints. And you know what? I won! I got to choose any print from his shop and let me tell you, it was a tough choice to make! I love so many of his pictures so I asked Johnny to help me choose. For us, it came down to these prints...

The Rockabilly Dog

The Animal Jamboree

The Conversation

The Pig and the Rooster

Aren't they fantastic!? I think his prints are very adorable and his characters, so endearing.

In the end, the kids added their choices too and we went with the Animal Jamboree. I can't wait to get it in the mail! It will be a great piece for the kids room.

Thanks so much Oliver!

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♥ Andrea ♥

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