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*image courtesy of Adrienne Boyer*


Today I'm here to introduce you to the work of a lady who I have known for many years, Adrienne Boyer. Adrienne and I went to high school together and I have fond memories of art class with her. Back then, I remember being quite impressed with her creativity. She has a fantastic imagination! I was so happy to reconnect with her in the last few years and see that she is still living a creative life.

I've been wanting to write about Adrienne's delightful monster shop on Etsy, Moxy & Toots for a little while now because I am totally in love with her plush. Her monsters are absolutely charming! I freaked out at the adorableness of her new Halloween stuffies and really wanted you to see them. Here are just a few of her recent spookies. The mummy totally kills me!

*image courtesy of Adrienne Boyer*

*image courtesy of Adrienne Boyer*

*image courtesy of Adrienne Boyer*

Another product that is regularly available in the Moxy & Toots shop are these sweet little munchkin baby rattles. They make a perfect gift for the littlest people in your life and can be attached to a link for the baby on the go. So much love goes into making each of her handcrafted pieces. They really are wonderful keepsakes.

*image courtesy of Adrienne Boyer*

Adrienne also sells her work at Higglety Pigglety in Port Hope, Ontario. Now if you can't make it to Higglety Pigglety and you would like a monster that you don't see in the Moxy & Toots shop, feel free to contact Adrienne on Etsy for availability of your favorite spooky plush. She is happy to take custom orders also. So drop Adrienne a line to commission her for something special!

And if you admire Adrienne's work as much as I do, show her some love by liking the cute Moxy & Toots Facebook Page

We've been reading a ton of Children's Halloween books. I'll be back in a couple of days to tell you all about our favorite Halloween books for kids!

♥ Andrea ♥

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