Marvin: Now and Then

This cat has a spell on me. Seriously, could he get any cuter?

Like every other cat owner on the planet, I think mine is just the best! We've been together for a long time he and I, fifteen years! We've lived in several different cities and at least a dozen or more homes together. He's kind of an old man now! I was taking a little walk down memory lane this week as I cleaned out my studio and I found these cute pictures of Marvin as a kitten and just had to share them!

It's incredible to me that so much time has passed. He's been such a loyal companion to me over the years and I just love him to bits!

Hey, I wonder whatever happened to that zigzag afghan?

It's a good thing I have another one for him to sleep on. Goodness he's lazy!
Excuse me while I go cuddle my cat.
Enjoy your weekend!
♥ Andrea ♥

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