Etsy Craft Night

Last week I went to an Etsy meet up in Hamilton. And I had a really nice time.

*image courtesy of EtsyLabs*
I met a friend right away. Vera, who makes gorgeous recycled silver jewelery, just lives a few blocks away from me.

*image courtesy of EtsyLabs*

*image courtesy of EtsyLabs*
I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of really great people including Nada who was sweet enough to pose for a couple of photos with me.

*image courtesy of EtsyLabs*
This silly picture is by far my favorite from the night.

I don't get out very often so I'm especially glad that I made it out to this event. Everyone crafted and chatted until the sun set. It was really nice to see. Hopefully there will be more craft nights in Hamilton to come!

These are the little quilt pieces we all made for an installation being planned by the beehive collective. I'm looking forward to seeing a building downtown covered in these little hexagons later this year!

♥ Andrea ♥

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