A Little Trip to the Beach

Last week we took a little trip to the beach as we often love to do in the summertime. It was so hot, the sand burned the bottom of our feet, but the water in Lake Ontario was incredibly cold. We really do love to go to the beach and let all of our concerns of this world roll away with the tide. I'm sure we'll continue to visit the beach once we move to the other side of the lake.

This was the first time I've worn this beautiful dress from Rock This Vintage. I just added this one to my little collection of vintage Hawaiian dresses. I'll be wearing this dress a whole lot this summer.

Today's the first day of summer holidays and it's rainy and overcast so it looks like it will be a good day for crafting and packing to move. Have a good one!

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. You are GORGEOUS. Thanks for the shout out!!! The dress looks just amazing on you. I love all your pics!!! Wish I was there xo

    1. Aw, you're super sweet. Thanks.
      I wish you were there too! We'll plan a beach date this summer for sure! ♥

  2. The dress looks amazing on you! What a lovely place to spend a sunny day at.


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