House and Home

Here's a photo I shared of our kitchen on Instagram recently. This is the only photo I've taken of the space so far because it's still not quite where we want it to be, but we're getting there- extremely slowly. The weekend before last, we seemed to turn a corner and it really is feeling like more of a home around here these days.

A home is always about the people who live there, more so than what it contains. Many of our things are hand-me-downs from loved ones, things we've made and gifts we've received. Every item has a story to tell about us, the people who live in our home, and our journey together. I love that about our house.

But a new space requires a few fresh items to transform it from a house to a home- to turn a space into something that makes your heart beat a bit faster and that functions well for everyone who lives there. I've mentioned to you before that we have rid our life of a whole lot of stuff in this move. Over the last couple of weeks, I have also started to accumulate a few things as well (very few- I'm being ultra picky about what comes in) .

Here are a few of the new things I've purchased and some of the things I would love to get for the new house...

The top three items are things I've already bought. That citrus reamer was way too cute to pass up when  modcloth had their sale recently. The mat I bought for our front door at, kitchen stuff plus and the last item in that row is a Martha Stewart home office system. I bought some of the pieces of the home office system for our kitchen which you can see in the photo above and I liked it so much, I got the same stuff for my new office space at work as well. It looks nice and it keeps the kitchen counter tops and my desk at work from becoming loaded up with incoming papers. 

The rest of the things here are all things I'd love to get for the house. The adorable mouse tea towel is from eclectic shop (I can't believe how cute that is!), the amazing pillow cover is from libs elliot- handmade right here in Toronto (her stuff is so great) and the pig jar is from lady kitschener. The radio/ MP3 player, moon mat and calendar are all on my home wishlist on modcloth

I hope you have a great weekend! I really hope to dedicate even more time this weekend to making our house a home.

♥ Andrea ♥

*I'm an affiliate with modcloth because I'm a big fan of theirs. If you click on my links and make a purchase, I will make a few pennies. And that would be very nice.*


  1. ack, that bunny juicer head is a hoot!! Great find! Eager to see your sweet new space become a reflection of your hearts there!
    needle and nest

    1. Thanks, Mel :) I love to see that cat reamer sitting on the counter in our kitchen. It makes me smile every time. ♥


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