A Dress For a Favorite Doll

I finally finished the wee pillowcase dress to match the one I made last week. It looks so adorable. The birthday girl just received her gift today and was thrilled. She brought the doll over in her new dress to show me and it couldn't look sweeter!

After I finished sewing it, I couldn't resist putting the dress on my daughter for fun. The doll dress was too small for her, but I think I must make one for her too. The great thing about this style of dress is that it is so roomy, it can be worn for years and can even become a shirt once it's too small to be a dress.

Now I'm working on our gift for the birthday girl (the dresses were commissioned by mommy - thanks so much!). I've decided to make a little quilt for the doll. I'll post about the quilt in a couple of days, I'm almost done.

♥ Andrea ♥

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