Oven Mitts

I've never used oven mitts. I always just use the towel that is usually thrown over my shoulder while I'm cooking or washing dishes.

While thinking about something to make my fabulous Leo mother for her upcoming birthday, I kept thinking about the sad pathetic things she uses for oven mitts. So I decided that I would try my hand at this type of oven mitt that I've seen here and there. I decided to make two- one for my mom and one for me. I just tested it out tonight while pulling sweet potatoes out of the oven and I am very pleased with the results. I added a loop to the end of mine because I want to hang it in the kitchen. There is a lot of room in the ends for hands. I double lined both oven mitts with cotton batting so I feel sure that my mom and I won't burn ourselves. And I made them 27" long which seems to be an ideal length for holding cookie trays and the like. All in all a great little project here and I'm sure my mom's going to love hers as much as I do mine.

We've been continuing to enjoy the summer weather with the addition of a water table in the backyard today. The kids love it, so I'm a happy mom. The amount of time they can spend pouring, splashing and giggling is amazing and adorable.

♥ Andrea ♥

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