Dips Everyone Loves: Part 2 Seven Layer Dip // Guacamole // Hummus


My computer has been causing me grief! I've finally figured out a way around it for now but I really do hope to get things back to normal soon. In some ways this is a terrible time for me to have computer issues because there is so much to do to set up my shop for November first. However, not being able to use the computer as much has meant that I've been able to really devote myself to drawing and painting. I'm thrilled to share what I've been up to with you in the coming weeks.

Here are the dip recipes I promised to share...

7 Layer Dip

This dip is always a favorite! I took it to a potluck picnic in the spring and not a morsel was left. I also had a special request (one of many) for this dip for a family gathering a couple of weeks ago. You can buy a layered dip at some grocery stores but they just don't compare to what you can make yourself.

Your layers starting from the bottom are:

Guacamole (see recipe below)
Black beans
Salsa (with chipoltle sauce added)
Sour cream
Shredded extra old white cheddar cheese
Shredded romain lettuce 
Sliced black olives

I usually buy a can of chipotle peppers in sauce and then just add some of the chipoltle sauce to a mild store bought salsa like President's Choice White Corn and Black Bea Salsa (for those of you who live in Canada). Or, if I'm feeling really ambitious, I make my own salsa but I don't have it in me to try and write that recipe out for you tonight - maybe another day. But, beware! Chipotle peppers are really spicy so I don't actually chop any up and put them in but you can if you like it really spicy. I find just a bit of the sauce really enhances the flavour of this recipe by giving it a hint of smoky spice. You can also just sprinkle dried and crushed chipotle pepper seasoning into your salsa.

The amounts you use for each layer depends on your taste. So, just make your guacamole, layer all of the ingredients on top of one another and serve with tortilla chips.


3 ripe avocados
2 finely chopped and crushed cloves of garlic
lemon and lime juice to taste
sea salt to taste

When something is this delicious and easy, I don't mess with it! Adding both lemon and lime to your guacamole is what really makes it magic! 
Make your guacamole just before you plan to serve it.


Okay, this one is a bit more involved but you'll be happy with the results if you take the time to make it from scratch.
If you're really stretched for time, using canned chickpeas makes for a quick dip, but it really won't compare to the flavour of a hummus made right!
So be prepared to start this one the night before you want to serve it.

1/2 cup dried chickpeas 
1/4 cup tahini
juice from 1/2 lemon
2 garlic cloves (or to taste)
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 Tbsp + 1/4 tsp baking soda
olive oil


Pour out your chickpeas onto a large casserole dish to look for damaged beans or debris that may be in with your dried beans

Wash the chickpeas several times, until the water is clear

Soak them in clean water over night with 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda

In the morning, dump the soaking water, rinse your beans and soak them again for a few more hours

Wash the chickpeas again and put them in a large pot. Cover with water, add the rest of the baking soda but do not add salt

Cook until the grains are very easily crushed when pressed between two fingers (it should take about an hour to an hour and a half)
*switch the water once and remove any peels and foam which float over the cooking water*

Drain the beans but keep the cooking water when finished

Put the chickpeas into a food processor or blender and blend well

Let the mixture cool before adding all the rest of your ingredients except the olive oil and parsley and blend

Add some of the cooking water to thin the dip until it is slightly thinner than how 
you like it

Serve with olive oil and chopped parsley and warmed pita bread

I'm really enjoying the fall weather we're having in Ontario; the crisp, cool air and changing leaves - it really is my favorite time of year.

♥ Andrea ♥

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