Baby Star

The week before last, I made baby gift for a new wee baby. I just met the sweet thing yesterday and she's sooo adorable! Oh, that new baby smell and the adorable sounds they make!

I've already started making some baby stars for the Teetoo shop opening. They will be a bit different than the one pictured, smaller and I tweaked the pattern slightly. This star was stuffed with natural unbleached cotton but the new ones I'm working on will be stuffed with bamboo. The mother of the new baby says she already loves her star!

Hey, speaking of the Teetoo shop, check it out! There's nothing in it yet but I did make a super cute border for it.

There are many more things that I want to write about and share photos of, like a great hike we had in the woods, the gorgeous autumn leaves right now and some drawings and paintings that I've been working on. But, alas, my computer issues are continuing to prove problematic and it takes great effort to edit and post photos these days.

I just got a couple of fantastic books, The Upset and The Ticking! I am in love with both of these books! So much inspiration! I had never seen either of these books in real life so I was especially ecstatic when they arrived today. The artwork in The Upset is incredible! And I've been really enjoying looking at Renee French's drawings. Her images are so simple and sweet. They truly make my heart sing.

Have a fantastic weekend.

♥ Andrea ♥

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