Raccoon Handmade Huggable and a New Shirt

I've been busy this weekend. Just last night I finished this adorable little fellow. He is the first plush to be completed for the Teetoo store launch this fall. Things are really shaping up for the business and I am very excited to share all of the Teetoo progress here.

On Friday night I made myself a new shirt. I spoke to my friend earlier this week and told her that I didn't have any time to work on an important project for the house. I see now that it is just that my priorities are a bit askew. Instead of doing something I should do, for the sake of sanity (I am at home with two spirited toddlers right now) I once in a while opt to do something totally frivolous for myself.

So, here is my super-cute pillowcase style shirt. I do love it. I'm still apprehensive to wander into the real world of clothes making with button holes, zippers, darts and such. So, I just stuck with the pillowcase dress pattern that I used a few weeks ago and whipped this up in a couple of hours with Lecien Japanese fabric from Fabricworm. I wore it to the park the very next day.

I do have plans to broaden my clothes-making horizons. Remember when I mentioned picking up a copy of Sandi Henderson's new book? Well, I did in fact purchase it. It's pretty good. There are some nice inspiring photos of the completed projects in it which is important to me for inspiring me enough to actually follow through with the projects. Anyway, I'm mentioning the book order because of course I had to get free shipping from Amazon and so I ordered a couple of other books including this one:

This book is excellent for me. It comes with three standard beginner patterns; one for a shirt, one for a pair of pants and one for a skirt. Then the book is filled with ideas for transforming each of these patterns into something different. For someone like me who has never made an item of clothing except for one made with the patient and watchful eye of my mother-in-law the whole time, it is a great way to start feeling confident about making clothes. I'll let you know once I actually follow through with one of the projects.

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