Autumn Adventures in the Forest

We've had some absolutely incredible days here over the last couple of weeks!

I love to live in the forest! Though it does make it difficult to stay in doors when I have to get some work done. We had a lovely weekend this past weekend. We hosted a very nice Thanksgiving dinner. All the cousins were here and the day was beautiful.

But I did have a frustrating day over the weekend too, during which, I sat indoors for many hours while the sun was shining, only to complete things that I am not satisfied with. My Teetoo to-do list is so long at this point that I have to stop myself from panicking. It looks as though I will have to postpone the store launch to November 8th in order to complete everything I want to without losing my mind.

On the up side, marketing and shipping supplies are on their way, a PO Box is mine, and many paintings, drawings and handmade huggables are well on their way to completion. So, all in all, things are coming together nicely.

Back to work I go!

♥ Andrea ♥

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