J. Otto Seibold

Today I thought I'd share with you some illustrations by J. Otto Seibold. These images are from the covers of two of his wonderfully illustrated children's books, Other Goose and Vunce Upon a Time. I ordered these two books from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I happened upon J. Otto Seibold's Other Goose on a trip to the bookstore and couldn't get his illustrations out of my head. I love his vibrant and unusual colour choices and his super cute whimsical characters! Here is the Other Goose web page. There are printable activity pages for kids there. 

'Other Goose'- copyright 2010, J. Otto Seibold, Chronicle Books

'Vunce Upon a Time'- copyright 2008, J. Otto Seibold, Chronicle Books

When I read the description of the Vunce Upon a Time story, I had to get it. My son really loves spooky. So I couldn't resist using him as an excuse to buy this book about a vegetarian vampire. The whole family loves this book. It's a really great story written by Siobhan Vivian and Seibold's awesome illustrations are lovely and all done on computer.

I've been working on my computer a lot these days. Did I mention that Johnny bought me my very own laptop for Christmas this year? Over the past few months I've been learning how to make art with my computer. I've been having so much fun (and getting a bit frustrated because I'm making a lot of mistakes). Some of the products in the shop are a result of my love affair with my computer, like the designs for the Teetoo Send Love Mini Card Pack. My computer art is especially exciting for me because ten years ago, I was afraid to even turn a computer on. I never thought at that time that I'd learn to use one so well. Now, I love my computer. He was my valentine this year :)

I'm so happy to come across J. Seibold's work. It's a great source of inspiration for me. He has illustrated many other children's books. You can find some of them on Amazon and on the publisher's website, chronicle books and you may be able to order them through his website as well.

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