We had a party here over the weekend. My son turned four and we had a great time!

I was so happy to find these biodegradable paper plates. Here's a link to some biodegradable plates available at Grassroots. You can buy them on line or purchase them at one of their stores in Toronto if you live in the area. Giving a party is a lot of work. Lately I'm really feeling the crunch to cut down on labour in all areas of our life. But of course I don't want to go against my ethics. Sometimes this dilemma causes stress. Clean up was so easy after lunch and I didn't feel guilty about putting all of the plates into the compost bin. I will use these again for sure.

After some food and fun, the kids made crafts...

I worked at a Micheal's Arts and Crafts store for several years while I was at school. One of the jobs I did while I was there was to facilitate arts and crafts birthday parties. One thing I learned while doing crafts with kids, is that when it comes to art, kids are told what to do way too often. When this happens, kids are paralyzed creatively and have difficulty thinking for themselves and beginning projects. So, when I do crafts with kids now, I always show some examples of work done by others for inspiration and let the kids decide what to do. Every time I do crafts with kids I get at least one child who asks in a surprised tone of voice, "Can I make anything I want?" I love the look on their faces when I answer, "yes!"

Here are some of the awesome crafts that were made...

I stuck with the arts and crafts theme with the loot bags and gave craft supplies and some chocolate for the kids to take home. Handwritten name tags gave the loot bags a little personal touch.

Overall, it was a great weekend. My son said his birthday was "awesome" and that's music to my ears. He received some really lovely things. My favorite of course being a little handmade dog to go with the cat the kids got a couple of weeks ago. They were made by our friend across the street. This is the sewing kit she used. It looks like a great first sewing kit for kids.

And he got a Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3. I must say, I love this toy! He's really very adorable and huggable. He talks and sings songs too, all about how much he wants to get hugged.

Here's an adorable commercial that's made to look as though it's from 1983 that Disney Pixar created for Lotso. I was 6 in 1983 and I would have loved this bear! Even as an adult, I honestly can't stop myself from hugging this toy!

Happy Monday to you!

♥ Andrea ♥

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