Forest Friends

I went to bed with the kids last night because I was in much need of some extra sleep. We didn't set an alarm and they graciously let me sleep in. I used to sleep a lot and now I've swung the other way. What a difference sleep makes!

Look! We have a deer family that lives with us here in the forest. They are very good at staying hidden and they usually only come in the wee hours of the morning or after dusk, so it's been tricky for me to get good images of them.

This week, they came up very close to the house before twilight. I was able to go out and take a couple of photos from the the front porch. One of the young deer seemed to really like me! I'm so happy that they feel so comfortable with us and keep coming back. It's been really fun watching the fawn grow up over the past year.

This week marked the first days in the garden and the first meals outdoors!
Here's another little friend we found in the garden this week...

I love salamanders. I think they are so cute! My son thinks they are great too but my daughter is a little unsure about slimy things.

♥ Andrea ♥

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