Misako Mimoko

I am overflowing with delight today to write about one of my personal craft heroines, Eva Monleón. Isn't she adorable?

I came to know about Eva when I was first stumbling through the handmade craft bloggy world and I came upon this picture...

It was true love at first sight!

Since this day, I have been a regular reader of Eva's lovely blog, misako mimoko. Her crafts and her blog are a good source of smiles and giggles, important for the proper development of funny bones and a healthy warm heart.

I keep coming back to joy, again and again in this life. To inspire joy in another person's heart is just magic. And Eva does it with each and every craft she makes (and with her sweet personality).

Here are some of the fantastic things she has for sale in her shop right now...

For the one of a kind doll collector:

Doli Blackberry

This doli I am especially fond of because our house is surrounded by the most delicious blackberries I have ever tasted.

Orange Flavor Candy Girl

Isn't she is so sweet? 

Look at how precious they are all together!

For the artist who has everything...
Fake Watch Bracelet in Pink

These lazy artist watches just kill me! I've never really gotten into the habit of wearing a watch but if wearing one turned out to be anything like me and a cell phone or camera, the battery would be dead every time I needed to use it. So, why not skip the battery altogether? Who cares about the time anyway? Life's too short to be concerned with such inconsequential things, right? :)

And for those of you who are dying to get one of these amazing handmade creations to make you happy every day but you're short on cash, how about a paper puppet! You can buy just one or a set.

DIY Paper Puppet Set

I want the mermaid and the strong man to live on the wall in my new studio!!!
*all images c/o Eva Monleón*

Eva's crafts are inspired by vintage toys and materials. Her little works of wonder are so unique and genuine. Eva stopped making art for a time and like myself, it was her discovery of craft making that reinvigorated her creative spirit. And now her creations invigorate the spirits of people all over the planet! I am so thankful to her for inspiring me.

Eva is presently working on some retro styled wall hangers featuring stuffed animal heads for the Misako Mimoko shop. Her hope for the new hangers is to bring a little fun to walls; to make them feel pretty, because after all, walls need to feel pretty too :)

I also checked out the blog of Eva's husband, Gabriel Corbera.

Anyone who likes Kurt Vonnegut, the Beastie Boys and comics is a friend of mine! If you like these things too, you should check out Gabriel's blog. And here's his blog, joyville, devoted to his comic inspirations.

Hopes to you for a lovely week!

♥ Andrea ♥

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