Baby Raccoon

This sweet little fur ball found himself stranded at the bottom of the tree where he lives with his mom and his brother or sister. He made some of the cutest sounds I've ever heard and it was terribly heartbreaking to watch him struggle to find his mommy and get back up the tree.

At one point he climbed into the culvert pipe under a little bridge we have in the back yard and had a little drink.

We kept an eye on him for the day and night that he spent at the base of the tree. He appeared to have a problem with his eye and we were a little concerned that perhaps he wouldn't be welcomed back into the nest. He tried so hard to climb back up the tree but this particular tree has lost most of it's bark at the bottom and he just couldn't make it up.

Here he was looking at me and it seemed like he was pleading with me to help him out! His sibling called to him much of the time he was on the ground. The following morning there was no trace of the sweet fellow and we haven't heard a peep from him or his family since. We hope that he made it back to his nest before our resident fox got his sights on him!

♥ Andrea ♥

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