Yeti and a Visit From a Deer

Yeti is from the Himalayan region of Nepal. He is a highly intelligent and deeply spiritual fellow. Thanks to the internet he has the opportunity to share his wisdom with the world. He is a physics genius and is presently working on developing a course for The Great Courses. Yeti has been enjoying his time with us here in the forest in Ontario, Canada. He takes a long hike each day after his morning meditation.

Here is a photo of the cousins taken by Sasquatch...

They are all agreed that the reunion has been a grand success! It is not often they get to see each other.

I've hesitated on listing the cousins in the shop this week because Yeti is not quite done. He's missing something and I'm not sure exactly what it is yet. I think it may be a jacket or a vest. I'm hoping to work on it this afternoon. I want to list the cousins in the shop together so whenever I finally get Yeti all figured out and finish their studio shots, I'll list them in the shop but I'm not sure exactly when that's going to be; today, tomorrow, a few days from now? Thanks so much to those of you who have expressed such kind words about the cousins.

Look! I finally got a great photo of one of our deer friends this week! Right from our living room window! So beautiful!

♥ Andrea ♥

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