Forest Fort

We made a forest fort from an old pile of bricks. When we were done, we added a couple of chairs and a table and had some tea and berries.

Then we made a some garlands from fabric scraps and paper.

And we brought out a big basket of blocks that uncle made for us to play with.

The lady of the house thought the place could use some brightening up so we added some wild carrot blooms to an apothecary bottle.

And now we have a perfect little get away tucked safely in the woods!

Oh the pure joy of making and playing in a fort! I just love being able to revisit this experience as a parent. I harbor fond memories of the time I spent as a child, alone and with friends, in a special little handmade home.

May you have some fun in a hidden place today.

And a very happy Canada day to all of my fellow Canadians!

♥ Andrea ♥

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