Shop Opening Delay

Sadly, things are not coming together well for me here and I have to delay the opening of the shop. I have not been smiling this afternoon. I'm quite upset about this. I've had major obstacles, the most recent being that some of my cards arrived from the printers today with misprints on them! Thankfully it wasn't my fault so on a positive note, I have received compensation for this setback and I am already in the process of having new cards printed- with another printer. I promise the Teetoo cards will be beautiful and of the highest quality; worth the extra wait!

The delay shouldn't be more than a few of days.I'll post again when the cards are in and I can finally open shop. Until then, here are some images of a couple of the products that will be for sale in the Teetoo shop!

Miss You 8 x 10 Print

Girl's Room Baby Star

Now that I've eaten some chocolate and had myself a cup of tea, I'm feeling a bit better - well at least I've stopped grumbling for the most part.

I hope your day has been better than mine!

♥ Andrea ♥

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