Getting Ready for Bazaar of the Bizarre

*Lucky Sprites and Christmas Bites*


I promised I'd be back to detail all of the preparations I've been making for my very first craft show, The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Frost Bite. But, I'm really pressed for time today and still have so much to do! So, just a quick hello and some photos from the past few weeks today.

I've never sewn so much in such a short period of time! It's been a fun challenge to work with a tight deadline and think of every last little detail of the show from making my lovables, to packaging, to sewing a table cover and banner and gathering together all that will be needed for a great show! Because I have two toddlers, much of this work has been done in the wee hours of the morning and late at night, I'm certainly looking forward to catching up on some sleep next week (and house cleaning).

Speaking of house cleaning, after weeks of hard work and completely ignoring my house in favor of making stuff, this is what the carpet outside of my studio looks like this these days...

Here are some Christmas Sprites, Bites and Sasquatches in the making...

Pieces of my new Teetoo Bunting Banner I've made for my table...

It turned out so cute. I just love that Michael Miller star cotton fabric. I think I may have to order a bunch more. These photos aren't great. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some good images of it tomorrow at the show.

And here are some of the finished products I'll have for sale tomorrow...

*Mini Hedgie Handmade Huggable*

*Baby Stars*

*Owl Handmade Huggables*

*Big Foot, The Abominable Snow Woman and Yeti Furry Huggables*

The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Frost Bite is taking place tomorrow between noon and 8pm at The Great Hall in Toronto. There will be some fantastic vendors, a bar and great music. It will be a good time, so come by and say hello won't you?
♥ Andrea ♥

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