Handmade Love

Over the holidays, I was very fortunate to receive an incredible gift. My dear friend, Michael, made me a pair of moccasins. I love them so much! As you can see they are already well worn. I wear them constantly (including to bed a couple of times). When I go over to someone's house I worry that I may miss them while I'm gone. So, I have taken to packing them in my bag so that I can wear them when I get there. Every time I put them on I feel gratitude, love and I feel fortunate to have a great pair of moccasins and also for having a dear friend who loves me. All of these feelings are so good for my body and soul. These moccasins are a reminder to me of how much goodness there is in a handmade item crafted with love.

Recently my husband wrote a paper on cathexis for his master's degree studies. I won't get into it because well, it's just too heady for my blog but when it comes to energy stored in an object, it really is about what one believes. Did Michael put love for me into these moccasins? Your darn right he did! But I feel love from these moccasins because I believe he loves me. And I know that believing you are loved by someone is one of the best things there is in this life. Knowing you are loved brings with it something to live for, something to be proud of, a reason to wake up in the morning and makes us feel that we are worthwhile. When these ideas are in our thoughts and in our hearts, they are some of the strongest remedies we possess against a heavy heart. Putting these moccasins on every day reminds me of these wonderful notions. What a lucky girl am I!

Thank you so much Michael for my moccasins! They really are one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. They make my feet and my heart incredibly happy!

♥ Andrea ♥

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