Some Favorite Winter Things

We've finally got some snow! And we've been loving it! The kids have been making snow angels and snowmen and the snow is just the perfect kind of snow for snowballs; light, fluffy and it packs to perfection!

When the weather starts getting really cold, I pull out one of my dearest items of clothing; my great big sparkly purple scarf handmade by my mother-in-law. It is so long that it hangs down to my knees if I don't wrap it up. It's warm and cozy and because it's so long, I can wrap it up around my head when it gets really windy or snowy. I'm so thankful to my mother-in-law for this scarf! It brings me a whole lot of joy.

I love seeing Marvin's little paw prints in the snow in the winter time.

And absolutely nothing beats catching snow flakes on your tongue!

Oh my goodness, check out this fun little activity!

*Image courtesy of Sandra Juto*

Misako Mimoko posted on Facebook about these adorable name friends on Sandra Juto's blog yesterday. The image above made my heart smile so I went over to check it out straight away. I was not familiar with Sandra. She has a great blog and she makes some very nice illustrations and handmade lovelies. Check out Sandra Juto's shop.

I thought those name characters were so adorable, we made some for ourselves. The one I made for Eamon turned out the best.

What a great little project this is. So quick, easy and fun! The kids really loved this but we didn't have a lot of time yesterday because I had to make dinner. I think in the next couple of days, we'll do this again. These small lovable guys are a super fun way for kids to learn how to write their names or the names of their friends and family and also a nice way to feel freedom to create new and unexpected characters.The kids were delighted that I made special characters just for them.

Have a happy weekend!

♥ Andrea ♥

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