Dain Fagerholm's Stereographic Drawings

I am in love with these Stereographic drawings by Dain Fagerholm!
 The other day a fine lady who goes by the name, Mrs. D, was kind enough to leave a comment on my Black Francis post. And because she likes Frank Black, I was curious about her. So I popped over to her blog and discovered a little post about the stereographic work of Dain Fagerholm (among some other great things). When I saw these sweet pieces wiggling on the screen my heart smiled. So I really wanted to share his work with you too. Turning his drawings into stereographic images somehow makes them sweeter. It's as though Dain's drawings are trapped in their 2-dimensional space and they're wriggling to get out.

 My son and I agree, this one, 'Asylum', is our favorite.

This one, called 'Friends' is so very endearing.

And this last one, 'Mystery Planet', reminds me of my son running wild in the alternate universe inside his mind.

Dain is an artist/ illustrator in Seattle. Check him out!
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♥ Andrea ♥

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