Spooky Party: Pop-up Bat Cards, Sand Witches + Cupcakes!

We had a great (and slightly exhausting) weekend. My son just turned five and we celebrated with a spooky spring party! If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that my son has a penchant for the sinister. He loves anything to do with spooky, scary, doomy and gloomy. He wishes it was Halloween all year 'round. So just in case you were wondering, that is why I'm posting about a party that looks like a Halloween party at the end of March.

DIY Sand Witches and Pop-up Bat Cards
For anyone who may be interested in making either of these projects for their next Halloween party here are some hints and links...

I found the inspiration for the pop-up bat invitations on the Paper Source blog (a great blog if you're into paper crafts) and the cute sand witches, on a Halloween party blog post by Lisa Storms. I changed them and free handed everything but if that's not your thing, you can find tips and links to tools that make these projects easier on both posts.

I just winged the bat (hehe), but if you'd like one, there is a bat template here. Once I cut them all out, I just folded each bat in half and then folded the corners of the wings down. I found the best way to attach the bats to the cards was to lay the bat as close to the top and right edge of the card as possible while making sure the bat's nose didn't stick out beyond the edge of the card. Then I drew a light line with my pencil along the edge of the wing before removing it to apply the glue to the wing tip.

Once I adhered the first wing along my pencil line, I applied glue to the other wing tip and then pressed the card closed.

Ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes
I also tried my hand at some cupcakes and they turned out really well! I used The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake and the Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting recipes from the Cupcake Project. While they were absolutely the unhealthiest thing I can ever remember making, they were also one of the most deliciously decadent things I've ever made. They were not much to look at, but I was pleased by how many oo's, ah's and raised eyebrows they received. Also, they were very easy.

Thank goodness for my husband who made all of the food (besides the cupcakes)! I can't believe how much work a birthday party is! And in case you haven't experienced it yourself, a house full of four and five year old kids is completely mental.

♥ Andrea ♥

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  1. I totally love these beautiful Pop-up Bat Cards, Sand Witches + Cupcakes and everything else. The colors that have been used in this party are just perfect. Even I am planning such a party for my son’s 8th birthday celebrations. I will use your ideas in the party that I will host at the garden Los Angeles event venues.


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