The Moon

*incredible moon photo courtesy of Trypode*

The full moon. It makes me a feel wild! There are so many stories where someone or something becomes wild and uncontrollable at the time of the full moon so I know I'm not alone (don't worry, I'm not a werewolf). The moon always has had a big effect on me. When I was younger, I was too distracted by all the things that are distracting about life to notice it's profound effects on me or at least to recognize what it was that was causing me to feel so differently at different times of the month. But as the years go by, the more I can see the pattern unfold each month.

As the moon becomes full, I become filled with energy and can accomplish many things all at once. If I am alone and have projects to complete- it is pure bliss for me. However, the downside to all this energy is that I am intense. So, if I am not alone with lots to do, I will spend this energy in wasteful ways and while interacting with others, I might dump it on them unintentionally by talking incessantly and then feeling badly afterwards about having been so long-winded.

As I've gotten older and luckily for me have had the opportunity to work from home and run my own businesses, I have begun to schedule myself around the moon. I don't do this in a really intentional way, I just have noticed that it's been happening on it's own as I pay attention to my body's cues. During the time of the full moon I try now to make the most of it. I spend time doing yoga and meditating and send all my excess energy out in a measured and controlled  loving sort of way rather than expend it in a frantic manner without purpose as I used to. And by spending less time with others during the full moon, I find I can focus my energy where I can use it best. For me this often means completing creative projects.

I know from hearing about other people's experiences especially as a homeopath and from working as a bartender for several years, that many people are quite effected by the moon and sometimes without their knowing. In bars you can really see it. I guess because people are drinking it is more obvious. People seem slightly crazy, their actions are often a bit wild and out of character on the night of a full moon. We recently purchased the beautiful latest release by Antony and the Johnsons, Cut The WorldOn the album, Antony speaks about his own experiences with the moon and notes that his brother who works in mental health has mentioned that it is known in his line of work that there are more incidents at the time of the full moon.

I find this all very fascinating and would love to hear from anyone about their experiences with the moon. How does the moon make you feel?

I wanted to point out this great post about working with the moon that Carrie did a while back on her Pink Elephant Academy blog. It's a nice read especially if you would like to consider planning your life a little more around the phases of the moon. She has a lovely sheet you can print out that lists recommendations for things an entrepreneur can consider doing during the different moon phases. Although it has been written specifically for entrepreneurs, it is useful for anyone.

For your reference, here is a link to the Farmer's Almanac list of full moon dates and times.

And here is a tour of the moon from NASA...

And finally, a couple of my favorite songs about the moon...

No post about the moon would be complete without linking to the wacky and hilarious, We Like the Moon from

Enjoy the harvest moon tonight or tomorrow depending on where you are on our great earth!

♥ Andrea ♥

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