Apple Boo Berry Halloween Pie

I made this pie on the weekend. And it turned out pretty great! Our neighbours brought us a huge tub of apples and I had to do something with them.

So, I found this Apple Blackberry Pie with "Fall Leaves" Brisee recipe from Martha Stewart and followed her recipe almost exactly. The only things I changed were that I used ghosts instead of leaves for the upper crust, used blueberries in place of blackberries and I added about 3 times the amount of cinnamon because I think that every baked good deserves far more cinnamon than is usually called for.

Here are all the little ghosties laying out on parchment paper. I made their eyes and mouths with the bottom of a pen.

Here are all the ghosties laid on top of the pie and covered in egg wash ready to be baked.

And here's my lovely pie baking in the oven!

I have come to learn that the secret to making a great pie is being very patient. I've also come to learn that it's not so easy being patient when it comes to pie :)

Something else I made with our plethora of apples were some tasty vegan apple oat muffins! I'll be back to share that recipe with you really soon.

What are your favorite apple recipes? Will you be doing any spooky baking this Halloween?

I'm excited to be going over the Elycia's house today to finish up a sewing project we started last week!

♥ Andrea ♥

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