Birthday Loot and Silliness

*image courtesy of ♥ Elycia*

Well, a month has passed since my birthday and the fabulous day Elycia and I spent at the thrift store and getting up to a whole lot of other trouble fun. And I promised to share some pictures of our thrift store finds and us just goofing off though I expected to share them a lot sooner than now. Anyway, here they finally are. I got my polyester shirt and skirt and Elycia her sweater along with a whole bunch of other stuff that day at the thrift store. Also, my handsome hat was handmade by Elycia for my birthday (thank you sooo much).

Once we started shooting we got silly and brought out one of Elycia's Blythe dolls.

*image courtesy of ♥ Elycia*

A couple of other things I found at the thrift shop that day, these great little shoes...

And these two lovely dresses for $5 a piece! I really can't believe my luck with these dresses. They are so well made and they fit like a glove.

Also, I wanted to show you this beautiful hummingbird skull pendant. It was a birthday gift from my dear friend, Helen (I adore it, thank you ever so much).

The last thing I want to mention about my birthday is that Johnny and one of my best friends, Madisyn, thoughtfully arranged special adventures for me that I appreciated so much. I feel so fortunate.

Anyway, that Teetoo giveaway I was speaking of last week is going to happen this coming Tuesday. So come by here and Elycia's blog to see the brand new and totally adorable Teetoo 2012 Christmas item and enter for a chance to win a Teetoo gift certificate.

I hope you're having a fun weekend!

♥ Andrea ♥

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