Skeleton Noodle Man

Our wee man developed tonsillitis last week (as if getting sick with the flu twice wasn't enough). Early in the morning on the day I kept him home from school, I opened a cupboard and half a bag of noodles fell onto the floor. Suddenly I remembered that I had seen a Halloween noodle craft idea once in a Martha Stewart Living magazine.

So, I happily went about breaking up the noodles into different sized pieces. Then I grabbed the biggest piece of paper I could find and eagerly waited for my favorite spooky craft loving boy to get out of bed.

Of course he was thrilled about the idea. I opened up a book he has on how to draw Halloween images and away he went creating his skeleton.

I helped him a little bit but not much as he has strong opinions about these sorts of things :)

Once we were finished laying everything out just the way we wanted, I glued all the pieces onto the paper. Unfortunately, the paper buckled from the glue so if you try this, I would recommend using poster board or foam core and rubber cement. Otherwise, this was a great project.

We were thrilled with the way it turned out and hung it up on the wall in the family room straight away. Doing this together made being home sick just a little bit better.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

♥ Andrea ♥

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