The Forest Lately...

We've been enjoying the forest so much lately. The warmer weather means that we've been back out and getting dirty again. We love to go down to the stream and search for things- creatures, fossils, lost treasures. It's amazing all the stuff that washes up, mostly old bottles. The house where we live is built upon the foundation of a previous house. There was a fire back in 1940's and they just bulldozed the whole thing down into the backyard. Over the years, we have found so many things from the old house poking through the dirt at the edge of the stream. That beautiful spoon is our latest find. We also just found what looks like to be pieces of an old stove. And we've been playing with slingshots too. That is very fun. We need to start saving our cans for target practice.

Enjoy your Monday!

♥ Andrea ♥

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