Crafty Times With Elycia

Many months ago, Elycia and I started some sewing projects together. We thought that we would do the same projects and then model our finished handmade clothes together. But things didn't go exactly how we had planned. During our first visit, we chose a project from the book, Little Green Dressesby Tina Sparkles and then drew and cut out our pattern pieces. On our second visit, we cut out our fabric. The next time we got together, I was a bonehead and I left my project at home. So, we figured we'd start a new project and we spent that next visit making a dress pattern. Things got busy and we didn't have another crafty date for a little while and then Elycia was pregnant and we realized that she shouldn't bother finishing the skirt and dress we started because they wouldn't fit her anymore. Then we decided to start yet another project together, baby bags- one for her and one for my friend. And we worked on those the last couple of time we got together. As I've mentioned before, I've been wrapping up my bag project on my own so that I can get it to my friend who I'm making it for, as it's long overdue. Elycia and I plan to share our bags once we're both done, but I thought I would share these photos from our first crafty day together.

Elycia measuring my hand so my pockets will be the perfect size for my skirt.

Making the skirt pattern.

Other than making our patterns for our first project, we also drank some orange creamsicle shakes, ate some toasted Roma Pizza (if you're from the area, you know how awesome that is) and of course we loved us some cats. Only two of them came out to say hello that day.

Elycia 'Lion Kinging' the Princess.

Handsome Farva. He hisses at me a lot. But once in a while, he comes by to say, 'what's up?'

Do you do crafty things with your friends? I highly recommend that you do. Though I was hoping to be sharing more finished projects, the time spent crafting together is so fun, I don't care that we haven't finished anything.

♥ Andrea ♥

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