Feisty Little Snake

I guess I'm a pretty big reptile fan because this is the second Monday in a row for a reptile post. John caught this little snake in the garden on the weekend and we put him in a box for a little while so we could observe him. I feel badly though, we scared him so much he threw up his dinner; a couple of worms. Don't you appreciate the fact that I didn't share those photos with you?

Both the kids got their cameras out to take photos. So there we were, the three of us, watching him, photographing him, and asking each other questions about him.

They asked, "Can we keep him?" And promised, "we'll feed him flies!"

Snakes should live a wild life. So, back to the garden he went. He was such a cute little guy!

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. what a cute little guy! I never saw a snake throw up, that must be something quite strange :)

    1. Sorry I missed your comment, Sara!
      It was really quite surprising! I felt badly for the wee guy.


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