Lumpy Space Princess Pillow

I made a Lumpy Space Princess pillow for Johnny for Father's day. We are pretty big Adventure Time fans and John has a special place in his heart for LSP. Just as we suspected, she's obnoxiously taken up residence in John's spot on the couch. And when she's asked to move, she says,
"Oh my Glob, can't you see someone is already sitting here?"
LSP was a very simple project. I started her last week when I went for a sewing date with Elycia and I finished her in a couple of hours later at home. I'm going to share the pattern for anyone who might be interested in making their own lump to love and I'm also planning to give one away to one of you lovely readers in August.

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. The star looks so cute!
    I take it that you've found a place you like?
    Good luck with all the packing, it's a real pain in the arse!
    Much love to all of you xx

    1. Thank you. Yes! We found a place we really like. I'm so happy and relieved. Looking for places was starting to stress me out. ♥

  2. OH MY GLOB!! (I almost wrote oh my blog then, maybe I should start saying that instead?)
    This is so AWESOME!!! Cannot wait for our giveaway now!!!

    1. Haha! Oh my blog, that's hilarious!
      I'm so glad you like her :) I'm really excited about the giveaway too.
      Winnie's asked for a Princess Bubblegum doll for her birthday in December :)


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