Shop Update: Note Cards, Sprites & Bites

 All of the new card sets are now available in the shop!

Fox in a Hoodie Note Card Set

Little Deer Note Card Set

Litte Crow Note Card Set

Butterfly Note Card Set

I have a bunch of Lucky Sprites ready to ship as well. And the new Giant Lucky Sprite and Giant Bite are also available ready to ship now too.

I've been pretty busy lately. Did I tell you that we are moving this summer? Much of my time these days is being taken up by the search for a new home. We still haven't found one.

And I've been busy over on my homeopathy site as well. Today I posted my first post in a very long time there, a juice recipe, Ginger Zinger. I also re-posted all of my raw recipes from here to there. Over the years I've found it difficult to decide how to divide up my interests and so the decision I've made is to do all of my healthy recipe posts over there from now on and use this blog to keep you posted on Teetoo updates and such here. If you like, you can sign up to my homeopathy and natural remedies blog by e-mail and get all of my posts in your in-box. There's a spot to sign up for that in the left side bar.

Anyway, although I've been busy, I've also stayed true to my promise to myself and have been getting lots of extra sleep and that has been wonderful.

I hope you're having a great week.

♥ Andrea ♥

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