The Secret World of Flowers and Bugs

I love to go outside with the macro lens. When I do, I almost always take photos of flowers and bugs. I just really enjoy peeking into this quiet, mysterious and beautiful natural world. There are incredible things going on around us every moment of every day. The macro lens allows me a closer look at these little beautiful things around me. This brings me a lot of joy. These images were all taken in the backyard. And I'm so glad that I did this because the last couple of days have been so cold and rainy that I can't imagine the irises will last long this year.

Have a beautiful day.

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. The macro is my favorite part of photography too... love these beautiful shots!

  2. oooOoooo... always love these features - thanks for making my day more beauty-full!! xx
    needle and nest


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