Weekend in Ontario Cottage Country

The weekend before the one that just passed was dreamy. We got to spend a couple of days relaxing at the lake and adventuring in beautiful Ontario cottage country.

I told you about the bees at the dock. Have you ever noticed sometimes that a bumblebee will spend a really long time on just one flower? Sometimes they are quick like other bees, but sometimes it seems like they're having a nap on them. This one stayed on this one echinacea flower for hours. I really enjoyed watching him.

Whenever we visit my mom, we always take a trip to the little pond near her house to visit the ducks. I took the opportunity to photograph some plants and flowers around the pond.

Hello chamomile!

I'd love to know what these white wild flowers are. Does anyone know?

Milk thistle flowers are so pretty. Silybum Marianum is a wonderful herb for healing and protecting the liver and also as a liver supportive plant, it is superb for calming anger and assisting the body in flushing out toxins. I think I will write more about it on my homeopathy and natural remedies blog soon.

It's fun to visit the same place every year and take photos and then look back and see the kids changing so much and yet finding joy each year in the same way.

This past weekend we stayed close to home and tended to a cat with an infected wound he got from a fight with a neighbourhood cat (I'm trying to forget about the vet bill) and a little girl with a flu. Everyone around here is on the mend now.

Happy Monday!

♥ Andrea ♥

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