Happy Honey Bee Day!

A very happy Honey Bee Day to you! Whether you are planning to do a little something or not, if you have a moment today, think about how much more awesome life is because of our friends, the honey bees!

I had hoped to share a video in celebration of Honey Bee Day today but I had to admit defeat this week. John and I had big plans for a video, but with so much more organization needing to happen in our home, we just couldn't manage it.

Just like the wee bee above being rescued from dehydration with raw honey when he was away from the hive for too long, the honey bees really need our help going into the future. You may not be able to be an urban beekeeper, but please don't forget that even just planting some native flowering plants in your yard is a great contribution to nourishing and supporting our much needed allies! Please check out the HoneyLove blog for more great ideas on what you can do for honey bees!

Yay, bees!

♥ Andrea ♥

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