Santa Claus Parade Photos

Last Sunday we made it out to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. The photo above is my favorite from the day. The chatting Christmas Trees totally crack me up and their seemingly unimpressed pal in the background makes this scene totally hilarious to me.

This lovely clown was happily handing over a teddy bear to a little baby next to us. It was a really special moment.

Official peppermint bearers just chillin'.

The cutest Little Red Riding Hood ever.

I have such fond memories of being a kid at the Santa Claus Parade, atop my big brothers shoulders. How excited I was to see Santa Claus! My kids were equally excited this year. We didn't realize that Canada Post would be there last weekend, collecting letters for Santa. Next year we'll bring our letters for Santa for sure.

One month to go! We're so excited for Christmas in the city this year. How about you?

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. ah, these are so adorable! I dream of an atmospheric and chilly (and snowy) Christmas one year! Santa's outfit will make so much more sense!

    1. Thank you, Shell!
      Someday, maybe you can celebrate Christmas in Canada!

  2. Adorable photos, but most of all, the photo of your family!!!! Made my heart melt :)

    1. Thanks, Sara! I'm so happy you like these photos :)


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