Winter and Yuletidey Things

We've been having a lovely time over the past few weeks enjoying the first of winter and getting ready for Christmas. I purchased Heidi Kenney and Amanda Krueger's, A Very Merry Advent Guide, and used the cute printable Santa paper and envelopes for our letters to Santa. We've enjoyed a few of the projects in the guide too and I must add that my very favorite thing about it are the four Christmas music playlists. We've been playing them almost every day. My favorite new Christmas song by far is Santa Mouse. I'd love to link to it for you but I can't find the version of the song that is on the playlist anywhere. Do you know it? Cutest Christmas song ever.

We were so excited to get replies to our letters in the mail from Santa!

The house has gotten quite festive. I purchased a little tree and we found a few new additions to our vintage Christmas decorations collection at the thrift store.

Oh, and I bought some handmade pom poms and made a garland for our front window.

And I thought I should add a few left over pom poms to the wreath I made a couple years back.

The kids had fun decorating a gingerbread house with one of the lovely girls who care for them through the week after school.

And the weather has been a perfectly Canadian winter- lots of beautiful and cold snow and ice.

I've also been sewing a lot. I will share some of the projects that I've been working on soon.

Have a wonderful week and keep warm!

♥ Andrea ♥

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