Little Homemade Homes Part 1: Lalaloopsy

Here is one of the projects I made for Christmas this year. This was for my seven year-old daughter. For some reason, all of the holiday crafts I made this year were little houses. So here I present the first of three posts featuring little handmade homes.

I fell in love with the idea for this Lalaloopsy dollhouse from Scrappalific when I pinned it onto my To Make and Do Pinterest Board six months ago or so. Her dollhouse is so adorable! I gathered little bits that could work for it over many months. I found the carrying case at the thrift store.

The flower vase is Playmobile. The table was made out of the outside of a lens from an old projector we took apart a couple of months ago when it became obsolete. I topped it with a piece of card stock covered in fabric. The edging was made of a strip of  gold leather from a book cover that fell off of one of my daughter's journals. There was a gap between the top and side that I filled with a piece of chain a friend gave me in a bag of notions. I finished the bottom of the table with a length of ribbon.

The couch was made of foam and card stock wrapped in fabric with a felt trim.

I cut a little rug out of faux fur and made two wee pillows out of a vintage sheet stuffed with recycled polyfil.

The window was made of the top of a little cardboard jewelry box covered with felt. I covered a piece of card stock with fabric to fit inside of it. The curtain rod is a little wooden craft stick glued to two wooden beads. The curtain was made of a little organza bag tied with two pieces of ribbon. The starfish is an earring that I love, but I lost the matching one.

The pom pom garland is made out of mini pom poms sewn with embroidery thread. I attached them to the top of the carrying case by cutting small squares around the buttons on the card on which they were packaged and I glued them to the box.

The bathtub is just a shampoo bottle lid. It's filled with cotton balls that have been broken apart. The mirror came from something, but I can't remember what. It was glued to a piece of the gold leather book cover I also used to trim the table with. The sink is made with a little clear plastic bottle that is turned upside down and covered with some cotton lace trim. I glued a plastic bottle cap to it and cut a little circle of blue faux fur for the water. The tap is the little piece of plastic that can be found on some plastic hangers. The bathmat is a piece of a fine child's washcloth.

The outside of the box is decorated with a gold letter and an embroidery from an old top that doesn't fit my daughter anymore. I love that this whole project, other than the carrying case, was made of scraps and found pieces. I must admit that I became a bit obsessed with it. It was so much fun to make this! This little dollhouse has already been so well-played with. It's awesome to see her loving this so much.

In the next few days, I will post images of the playhouse I made for my son.

♥ Andrea ♥

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