Little Homemade Homes Part 2: Spongebob

Hello! Happy 2016!

I had a ton of fun working on this Spongebob house for my son. As I mentioned in my previous post about  the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse, the idea came from the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse from Scrappalific. For this playset for my son, I decided on Spongebob and we didn't own any Spongebob characters so I ordered the lot of them from E-Bay. The carrying case was found at the thrift store.

Here's a rundown of how it was put together:
The door is made of card stock with three tongue depressors cut to size and glued on. The door's window is a button with a piece of felt glued on. My friend gave me a bag of notions a few months ago that included that little Lacoste alligator patch and I thought it was perfect for this project. The guitar is Playmobile, The little Spongebob and Patrick poster was cut out from an old Spongebob calendar I kept from a couple years ago. The bed is made from two pieces of foam cut to size, glued together and wrapped in fabric from an old shirt. The sheet and pillow were made with the same old shirt. The pillow is stuffed with some polyfil and just glued together. The blanket is made of a piece of felt with a ribbon trim. I made the little bedside table with a toothpaste cap topped with a piece of cardboard wrapped in fabric.

The table is a shampoo bottle cap finished with a ribbon and topped with a piece of patterned card stock. The little fire on the table is Playmobile and so is Gary's bed. I also glued two Playmobile pieces to the wall above the bed- a crab and a starfish. The couch is made of three Nerf gun bullets tied with embroidery thread, attached to a piece of foam wrapped in fabric.

The doormat is a piece of faux fur. The pom pom garland is mini pom poms strung with embroidery floss and attached by little buttons affixed to card stock and glued to the top of the case. The fishing lure was purchased from the hardware store.

Finally, I decorated the outside of the box with a skull and crossbones. It is a patch from one of my son's favorite pair of pants that got too small and too worn to be passed along to anyone else.

The kids are playing with these playsets daily. It's so great to see them loving these so much. If you feel at all inclined to do something like this for someone in your life, I highly recommend that you do! If you happen to make one, I'd love to see it.

In a few more days I will post the final part of the Little Homemade Homes series. I hope you're enjoying them.

I wish you a very happy 2016! I spent last night cleaning and reorganizing my workspace here at home and planning out what projects I'm hoping to do this year. Do you have special plans for 2016?

♥ Andrea ♥

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