Monkey Bear Painting in Progress

Okay, I couldn't resist showing off some snippets of what I've done so far on this painting. I've got so many things on the go right now, many of them that I love, but this painting is my absolute favorite thing at the moment.

There is no monkey or bear in it but it's called Monkey Bear because the painting is based on a song that my husband wrote and that we both sing to our children as a lullaby. It's such a sweet song. So, I've decided to create this painting that will be accompanied by the lyrics to this lovely little song.

Monkey Bear is the cute nickname for the child in the song, who drifts off to sleep on a mattress in the sky. Monkey Bear has a series of adventures while sleeping including flying through space with a cat and roaming abroad with a turtle and a fawn. The children ask me to sing them this song every night before bed.

♥ Andrea ♥

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